Now eBooks Are The People's Best Friend

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‘Books are a man’s best friend’

We have heard and read this phrase many time in our life and indeed it is also true in every sense. But in today’s hectic and fast life, we don’t even have time to visit a book store and buy the books. Even if we buy them, there often is no time to shuffle through the pages and read them. At times, one might even be unable to find the book of their choice in a book store. E-books are the ultimate solution this problem.

One doesn’t need to visit a book store to buy them as they are readily and easily available over internet. And are often available at prices much less that the paperback edition and at many times they are available for free. Isn’t that fascinating?

The Oxford Dictionary of English defines the e-book as an electronic version of a printed book, but e-books can and do exist without any printed equivalent. Well, an electronic book is a book-length publication in digital form, consisting of text, images, or both, and produced on, published through, and readable on computers or other electronic devices. Sometimes the equivalent of a conventional printed book, e-books can also be born digital.

E-books can be of various categories such Fiction, non-fiction, literature, education, technology, etc.  E-books can be easily read from different readers such as Amazon kindle, kindle fire, Sony reader or in the pfd format in Adobe Reader. E-books are of very small size. Therefore they can be easily downloaded from the web without any difficulty.

These electronic books can be available for everyone. Kid’s fun e-books for kids, interesting novels for youths, important study materials for students, fashion magazines for teenagers and all.  John Styring, CEO of Igloo Books, which publishes children's e-books, said: “We have been increasingly engrossed in the market as it is clear we are at a point of real change.” An e-book can be easily purchased or borrowed from friends, downloaded and used immediately whereas when one buys or borrows a book; one must go to a bookshop, a home library, or public library during limited hours, or wait for a delivery. E-books are much easier to use than the Books.  So, isn’t e-book your best friend?

It’s not necessary that all e-books are free. It might cost you a few bucks. Only some websites provide you free e-books download. The bigger collection, easier is the access. Downloading is easier as well. Only you have to do is go to the particular website and download the required e-book.

E-books are a revolutionary change in the literary world and are getting popular among not just the readers but also the young authors, as they don’t need to patronize the publishers to get their books published. All they need is an e-book and a platform to promote their book. They can simply give it for free or make it available for low prices. E-book converted into different digital formats that are supported by different ebooks readers ensures a vast reach and quick rise in popularity of the books.

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Now eBooks Are The People's Best Friend

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This article was published on 2013/05/15